360 VR versus 3D Visualization: What’s the Difference?

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As PropTech startups disrupt the commercial real estate industry, it is important for industry professionals to understand the wide variety of technologies that exist in today’s market.  In this article we are specifically addressing the similarities and differences between 360 VR technology and 3D Visualization technology for CRE using two of our products: BlockVue Space and BlockVue Vision.

BlockVue’s Space and Vision Technology

What is BlockVue Space?

BlockVue’s Space is next generation 360 VR technology. By simply using the camera on a mobile device, real estate professionals (brokers, marketers, or other related experts) can leverage BlockVue Space’s easy-to-use platform to create instantly shareable virtual tours of available properties. This kind of cutting-edge technology effectively decreases the overall time it takes CRE professionals to lease ready-now property suites by 50% and allows them to market properties 90% faster than they could by employing more traditional, yet antiquated marketing methods like brochures or photo gallery tours.  

Property fit:
  • Ready-now properties for sale
  • Ready-now properties for rent
  • Reduce spend on traditional photography and 360/3D imaging by 95%
  • Capture the 75% of potential buyers who consider virtual property tours essential to leasing
  • Shortlist properties for prospects and reach 3x as many decision makers
BlockVue case study:
  • Manhattan West—a legacy format of 360 VR with recent major advancements in 1) the creation of walkthrough, 2) the management of a listing, and 3) the accessibility and accuracy of analytics data.

What is BlockVue Vision Technology?

BlockVue Vision employs 3D visualization technology for the commercial real estate industry. Leveraging the kind of technology used to create video game mobility, BlockVue Vision is designed to create immersive, three-dimensional walkthroughs of a property’s large contiguous floor plan—or bring to life the vision of a property that has yet to be built. CRE professionals can use this kind of technology to reduce the overall spend on build-outs for raw, whitebox, and/or to-be-renovated spaces by greater than 95%. BlockVue Vision transports prospects to a property using virtual reality devices that best compliment the relationship-driven nature of CRE and promote easy accessibility/shareability, (i.e. a desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet device).

Property fit:
  • Raw properties
  • Whitebox properties
  • To-be-renovated properties
  • A distant, but fully developed properties
  • Bring available properties in a portfolio to the market 30% faster
  • Capture 75% of potential buyers who consider 3D property tours essential to leasing
  • Reach 60% more of the international market in an instant with a globally accessible platform
  • Expand the applicable market of the property by 400%
  • Increase listing performance by 4x with seamless web, email, text messaging, and social media integration
  • Triple the amount of exposure to decision makers
BlockVue case study:
  • The Chicago Collection—a fully explorable, hyper-realistic, next-generation visualization that is easy to present and engage tenants to lease across all platforms—meaning your mobile phone, iPad, Android tablet, or laptop.

If you have any questions about BlockVue Space, BlockVue Vision, or how to integrate real estate technology into your comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we encourage you to reach out to our product specialists at (720) 663-7015 or visit the product section on our website.

By: Alexa Davis—Content Strategy @ BlockVue

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